Rangeland – Basemap

NLCD 2016 Shrub Component products characterize the percentage of each 30-meter pixel in the Western United States covered by shrub, herbaceous, bare ground, litter, sagebrush, big sagebrush and annual herbaceous, along with estimating shrub height and sagebrush height. These products have been produced by USGS in collaboration with the Bureau of Land Management. Component products are designed to be used individually or combined together to support a broad variety of applications.

Please note that where there is 40% or less tree canopy cover (based on NLCD 2016 USFS Tree Canopy Cover), pinyon-juniper woodlands may be included in the currently published shrub components if they are present.  For example, a shrub component value of 32% might actually represent 28% shrub and 4% PJ-woodland. The BLM focuses its work and analyses on rangelands and by their definition, pinyon-juniper woodlands are a separate component from shrubs. The BLM has requested that pinyon-juniper woodlands be pulled out of the shrub component. We are currently working on updating the shrub, sagebrush, and big sagebrush components to exclude PJ-woodlands.

Preferred NLCD Shrubland citation: Rigge, Matthew B., Homer, Collin G., Cleeves, L., Meyer, Debbie K., Bunde, Brett, Shi, Hua, Xian, George, Schell, S., Bobo, M., Quantifying western U.S. rangelands as fractional components with multi-resolution remote sensing and in situ data: Remote Sensing, v. 12, no. 3.

Related Publications for NLCD Shrubland:

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