Rangeland - Historical Time-Series – BIT

NLCD shrub component historical (Back in Time [BIT]) products characterize the percentage of each 30-meter pixel in the Western United States covered by shrub, sagebrush, herbaceous, annual herbaceous, litter and bare ground for each year from 1985-2018 - providing change trends for 33 years (imagery for 2012 was unavailable). Because of file size limitations, individual component products are packaged in three historic intervals including 1985-1995, 1996-2006, and 2007-2018. Trend analysis for each component is also available as a zip file for the full 1985-2018 period to help users understand the magnitude of change.

Trend products in the zip file include slope, standard error and t-statistic calculated from least squares linear regression. The slope represents the average percent cover change per year over the times-series, the standard error measures the departure from the linear slope model across all yearly observations in each pixel and the t-statistic reflects the confidence of change in each pixel.

Preferred citation: Rigge, Matthew B., Shi, Hua, Homer, Collin G., Danielson, Patrick, Granneman, Brian, Long-term trajectories of fractional component change in the Northern Great Basin, USA, Ecosphere v. 10, no. 6