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Urban Imperviousness

NLCD imperviousness products represent urban impervious surfaces as a percentage of developed surface over every 30-meter pixel in the United States. NLCD 2016 updates all previously released versions of impervious products for CONUS (NLCD 2001, NLCD 2006, NLCD 2011) along with a new date of impervious surface for 2016. New for NLCD 2016 is an impervious surface descriptor layer. This descriptor layer identifies types of roads, core urban areas, and energy production sites for each impervious pixel to allow deeper analysis of developed features. No new imperviousness products for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are available from NLCD 2016. (Read More)

NLCD 2011 Percent Developed Imperviousness Zone 8 (ALASKA)

Alaska | 2011

NLCD 2001 to 2011 Percent Developed Imperviousness Change Zone 8 (ALASKA)

Alaska | 2001, 2011

NLCD 2001 Percent Developed Impervious Zone 8 (ALASKA)

Alaska | 2001