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National Land Cover Database (NLCD)

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National Land Cover Database 2006 (NLCD 2006)

NLCD 2006 National Land Cover Database 2006 (NLCD 2006) is a 16-class land cover classification scheme that has been applied consistently across the conterminous United States at a spatial resolution of 30 meters. NLCD 2006 is based primarily on a decision-tree classification of circa 2006 Landsat satellite data. NLCD 2006 also quantifies land cover change between the years 2001 to 2006. The NLCD2006 land cover change product was generated by comparing spectral characteristics of Landsat imagery between 2001 and 2006, on an individual path/row basis, using protocols to identify and label change based on the trajectory from NLCD 2001 products.

Preferred NLCD 2006 citation: Fry, J., Xian, G., Jin, S., Dewitz, J., Homer, C., Yang, L., Barnes, C., Herold, N., and Wickham, J., 2011. Completion of the 2006 National Land Cover Database for the Conterminous United States, PE&RS, Vol. 77(9):858-864.

Related Publications for NLCD 2006

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Xian, G, Homer, C, and Fry, J. 2009. Updating the 2001 National Land Cover Database land cover classification to 2006 by using Landsat imagery change detection methods. Remote Sensing of Environment, Vol. 113, No. 6. pp. 1133-1147.

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