Exotic Annual Grass Percent Cover - July 2021

The annual exotic grass abundance percent cover in each 30m pixel.

This data provides early estimates of 2021 exotic annual grasses (EAG) fractional cover predicted on May 3 using satellite observation data available until April 26th. EAG is a continuous field consisting of abundance of non-native grass species whose life history is complete in one growing season. Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) is a dominant species but this dataset also includes Bromus arvensis L., Bromus briziformis, Bromus catharticus Vahl, Bromus commutatus, Bromus diandrus, Bromus hordeaceus L., Bromus hordeaceus spp. Hordeaceus, Bromus japonicus, Bromus madritensis L., Bromus madritensis L. ssp. rubens (L.) Duvin, Bromus racemosus, Bromus rubens L., Bromus secalinus L., Bromus texensis (Shear) Hitch, and medusahead (Taeniatherum caput-medusae).