MRLC provides several tools to allow users to interact with data, download custom extents, and support quick analysis. The NLCD Viewer enables user interactivity with the NLCD product suite, the Rangeland Viewer provides a dynamic platform to interact with RCMAP data, and the NLCD EVA tool provides county level analysis and statistics on NLCD land cover change.

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The MRLC NLCD viewer provides a dynamic platform for data visualization of the NLCD product suite and supports user defined data subsetting and downloads.

MRLC Rangeland Viewer

MRLC Rangeland Viewer

The MRLC Rangeland Viewer provides a dynamic platform for multi-temporal data visualization of RCMAP time-series, base map, and Ecological Potential data and supports user defined data subsetting and downloads.

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The MRLC NLCD Enhanced Visualization and Analysis (EVA) Tool provides users with detailed county statistics for any two NLCD landcover dates to support quick and powerful change analyses.


MRLC NLCD Mapping Tool

The NLCD mapping tool is a custom ERDAS Imagine add-on module with 5 components.  The NLCD Sampling Tool is designed to sample independent and dependent variables to develop input for Cubist Regression Tree Classifier models (used for continuous variable modeling of canopy, imperviousness, and shrubland components), or the See 5 Decision Tree Classifier models (for thematic land cover modeling).  Additional tools included are the NLCD Smart Eliminate Tool that provides an interface for weighting classes while establishing a minimum mapping unit, an accuracy assessment modeler and percent area modeler.  These tools provide the foundation for NLCD modeling and production and are available for download at no cost to the user.  Current versions supported are Erdas 8.7 through 2011 and Erdas 2016 through 2018.

*The Mapping tool was updated on September 17, 2019 to correct a bug where float data was truncated to integer. Please see the included documentation in the updated release.